Restaurants in Merrimack are Ready. Are You?

When you think of authentic Mexican restaurants in Merrimack, fajitas are probably not the first thing that pops into mind. With Mexican restaurants, it’s more likely the taco, burrito and margarita that come first to people. Why is this? Perhaps it’s the infamous Taco Tuesday that has gone viral or the numerous holidays that promote the margarita. Either way, our family at Don Ramon couldn’t be more excited about an upcoming day that celebrates the fajita.   

Yes, the customizable, sizzling, flavorful fajita. Rolled in a tortilla, sauteed to perfection and blended with your favorite Tex-Mex spices and toppings. We’re hungry just thinking about it.


So, why is it that the taco gets to have all of the fun when fajitas are equally as exciting?

Excellent question and one that many people pondered. Sure tacos are fun when you think of the options, but the fajita provides the same (if not more) - with a sizzle. The sound of a meal coming your way on a sizzling platter, the aromas, what is better than that? Certainly nothing the taco can compete with.    And since it seems that every food has a ‘day,’ why not the fajita? Well amigos, this problem was solved in 2016 when the famous chain restaurant, On the Border Mexican Grill & Cantina, founded National Fajita Day! Let us rephrase. The chain coined the phrase, but the history of this Mexican dish goes back much further.   mexican food nh  

To appreciate something, one must first have an understanding of it.

Believe it or not, the fajita comes from humble beginnings. During the Great Depression, the concept of the fajita surfaced for the first time when Mexican workers in Texas were paid with throwaway cuts of beef. The workers brought the meat home to their families, cooked it over an open fire and served the meat to their families with ingredients often made on their lands. Corn tortillas, pico de gallo, guacamole, and beans were among the most common ingredients combined with the smoky flavored meat. And, of course, the spices of Mexico were also incorporated to further enhance the dining experience.   The affordable meal soon became a staple among workers and the word spread. It was during the 1960s that the fajita became a national phenomenon. Known as the ‘Fajita King,’ Sonny Falcon introduced the fajita to the public on a level that would change this once considered poor meal forever.    

August 18th is National Fajita Day! From seafood to chicken, fajita nachos to the fajita burrito, the possibilities are endless.

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Forget all of the other restaurants in Merrimack and visit Don Ramon to celebrate National Fajita Day! We promise you’ll be glad you did. Be sure to take a picture and share with #NationalFajitaDay on the Don Ramon Facebook page

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