Which Type of Tortilla Do You Prefer? Don Ramon Wants to Know!

March is National Flour Month, which means flour tortillas are the choice of the month, right? Maybe not! Let’s talk about corn vs. flour tortillas–the pros, the cons, and everything in between! Which one is your favorite? Keep reading to learn more about these two types of tortillas!

Corn or Flour?

No taco is complete without a good tortilla, but if you’ve ever wondered which one is best, we’ve got you covered. Both corn and flour tortillas are a staple for all Mexican restaurants, but what are the differences? We can’t say we’re biased to one or the other, but if you have to choose, we’ve compiled a list of pros and cons, so you don’t have to. mexican food nh

Corn Tortillas

Before its counterpart, corn was used to make the flat, edible holder for taco fillings. Sweet and small, this type of tortilla packs a mouth-watering punch. This is because corn tortillas are made with masa harina, a mix of finely ground corn flour and lime. Because of this, tortillas are a healthier choice than flour because they are gluten-free and lower in calories! However, corn tortillas break more easily. For this reason, corn tortillas are made smaller in size for a more sturdy hard or softshell. tacos near me

Flour Tortillas 

Next up, we have flour tortillas, a staple in every Mexican restaurant! While corn is a healthier choice than flour, there are still some pros to flour tortillas! Flour tortillas can hold so much taco filling. Where corn falls apart, flour stands as the stable contestant for our customers. 

Choose Your Taco at Don Ramon!

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