The Only Guide You’ll Ever Need for Tequila!

When it comes to dining out, the options are pretty significant. Family dinners require specific meal options and atmosphere, while a night on the town with friends opens the door for new experiences and vibes. Either way, when you search for the best Mexican food in NH, the options sure are vast.  So, how do you decide? Call us biased here at Don Ramon, but we believe Mexican cuisine is always a winner! Whether you’re with little ones or catching up with friends after work, the menu options provide something for everyone … and so does the drink! And, when it comes to Mexican dining, a freshly made margarita is always a nice choice to go hand in hand with your meal. But, again, you're faced with a decision. With over 50 types of tequila to choose from, the question “what type of tequila” may be daunting.  

Here, the Don Ramon family is taking a closer look at tequila. The choices, the differences, and everything in between.

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 Blanco (Silver)

In its purest form, Blanco tequila earned its name from its clear color. As with all tequila, the blue agave is utilized for production.  Although some Blanco tequilas may age for up to 2 months, generally there’s no aging process involved in this type of tequila. Freshly distilled, there is no room for error from the distiller.  Blanco tequila is bottled directly from distilling revealing its authentic taste to the consumer.  

 Joven (Gold)

Joven tequilas are typically referred to as a Mixto.  This name comes from a blend of 51% blue agave to 49% cane sugar. The sugar ratio can also contain added ingredients like caramel coloring, flavoring extract, and sugar syrup.  Because of the caramel coloring, Joven is also called gold tequila.  This type of tequila, along with Blanco, are typically used in mixed drinks like the popular margarita.  


Some margarita drinkers prefer Reposado as their tequila of choice.  Aged between 2 months to 1 year, Reposado takes on a smoother taste than Blanco or Joven.  The aging process generally occurs in oak barrels providing a balance in flavor between the oak and agave. However, Reposado is also aged in bourbon, whiskey, cognac, or wine barrels. Whichever barrel is utilized, the tequila will inherit the characteristics of the original spirit.  


For those who prefer to sip their tequila, Anejo is an excellent choice.  Extra aged a minimum of 1 year but no more than 3, Anejo tequila ages in oak barrels. The aging process creates an amber hue and gives way to flavors of agave and, often, vanilla.  

Extra Anejo

The newest class of tequilas came about in 2006.  Extra Anejo is ultra-aged at a minimum of 3 years in oak. Unlike the other blends of tequilas, there is no time limit on aging with Extra Anejo.  This elimination has opened new doors for the tequila collector and the most sought after types of tequila. Mahogany in color, Extra Anejo is required to be diluted with distilled water because of the high alcohol content it produces.   mexican restaurants near me   Whether you’re searching for the best Mexican food in NH or simply craving one of the best margaritas in the area, Don Ramon satisfies. With one of the largest selections of tequila, our family will serve up exactly what you crave! Visit us today at any one of our locations for an authentic Mexican experience like no other! See you soon, friends!  

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