How Fried Ice Cream is Actually Made

Are you a fan of fried ice cream? Do you ever wonder how in the world you can fry something that's supposed to be frozen? Well, one of your favorite Mexican restaurants in NH, Don Ramon is here to answer all your questions about this mystery. So in the meantime, get ready to learn some cool science stuff about one of our favorite desserts!

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So, why doesn’t it melt when it’s fried?

First off, let's talk about how chefs keep the ice cream from melting while it's being fried. Basically, they freeze the ice cream beforehand and coat it in ingredients like egg whites or cornflakes to protect it from the heat of the frying oil. 

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How does it get its shell?

Now, let's get to the frying part. The key here is to use super-hot oil, which quickly forms a crispy outer shell around the ice cream. This shell acts like a barrier, preventing the heat from getting to the ice cream and turning it into a puddle. But how does the shell even form? Well, when the ice cream hits the hot oil, the water molecules inside it start to evaporate. This creates tiny pockets of steam inside the ice cream, which make it expand a little bit. As the coating cooks, it cracks open in places, and the hot oil rushes in to fill the gaps. This creates a crispy, crunchy shell that you can't resist!

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But if the ice cream is in hot oil, wouldn’t it melt?

Now, you still might be wondering why the ice cream doesn't just melt anyway. After all, it's surrounded by hot oil! But fear not - the high water content of ice cream means it has a high heat capacity, which basically means it takes a lot of heat to warm it up. So, even though the coating is cooking at a high temperature, the ice cream inside stays pretty cool thanks to the coat keeping it safe.  

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So there you have it, the mystery of fried ice cream unraveled. It's all about insulation, hot oil, and the magic of steam. And next time you take a bite of this delicious dessert, you can impress your friends with your newfound knowledge! And when you’re on the search for this delicious dessert, you can find it at one of your favorite Mexican restaurants in NH, Don Ramon! We look forward to seeing you soon!

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