February 22nd is National Margarita Day!

We can’t name one person who doesn’t like a nice margarita on a night off. In fact, it is probably one of the many reasons that the drink got its official day. At Don Ramon, we celebrate the margarita with specials on Mondays and Wednesdays. While there are many Mexican restaurants in Merrimack, no one does it quite like we do at Don Ramon  

Today, we want to add an extra day for the celebration with a few fun facts about the drink that we know and love.


The Margarita has a foggy history.

Like many aspects of the hospitality industry, no one really knows where the idea for the margarita comes from. However, there are some theories of how the drink came to be. The most common is that an American socialite named Margarita Sames created the drink in 1945. While hosting a party, one of her guests loved the drink so much that he began offering it in his bar. While this story seems believable, there is no way of telling for sure, as the first printed mention of the drink came out in 1937.  

Margaritas come with many variations.

While there is not a set number of different types of margarita known right now, we can only imagine that there are a lot to choose from. With margaritas being simple to make as they only require tequila and salt on the rims, flavor combinations for the drink are endless. However, the traditional flavor for the drink is still lime.   

The Most Expensive Margarita Cost $1200.

In 2013, Fifth Rooftop and Penthouse Lounge in Manhattan began to sell a margarita that was $1200 per drink. The reason for the cost being so high is because of several reasons. For starters, the bottle of tequila they used costs $1800 a bottle, and they used champagne that was $450 a bottle as ice. The drink was then poured into a Ralph Lauren hand-blown crystal glass, which you could take home after the drink was consumed.   

Texas has a Fried Margarita. 

Can you drink your cocktail and eat it too? Residents at the Texas State Fair can! They throw funnel cake batter into a margarita mixer and then fry the substance. Once everything is cooked, they top it with more margarita and serve it in a glass, then topped with whipped cream.   

Join the Celebration at Don Ramon

Join us in celebrating the margarita today! At Don Ramon, we have specials on your house margaritas every Monday and Wednesday meaning that you will never miss out! When it comes to Mexican restaurants in Merrimack, NH, our team strives to be different. We combine genuinely authentic Mexican Cuisine with passion and dedication for what we do. 

Join us to celebrate National Margarita Day at 6 Whitney St, in Merrimack, NH today!