Authentic NH Mexican Food: Molcajete Azteca

With life finally going back to the ‘old days,’ many restaurants are thrilled to reopen their doors. We are certainly no exception at Don Ramon Restaurante Mexicano because without you, our customers, we would not be here today! That said, we also understand that there are many places for Mexican food in NH. So, why visit Don Ramon? Well, for starters, many Mexican restaurants claim to serve authentic dishes, but truly what is served is American-Mexican. While this is preferred for some, others understand that nothing can compare to the true authentic taste of dishes like Molcajete Azteca. Served in a volcanic rock bowl, this dish is one of the most authentic Mexican dishes you can order and the one with the most history. Here’s a look.

The history behind molcajete.

Let us start by taking a look at the term molcajete.  When translated, the word refers to a traditional Mexican pestle and mortar bowl.  Molcajetes are carved from a single block of volcanic rock to create a bowl with legs. In ancient times, the Mayans and other cultures used the molcajete as a way to grind items like spices and chilis. However, today, when visiting your favorite Mexican restaurant, the molcajete is commonly seen when ordering fresh, table-side guacamole.  Many restaurants continue using the molcajete today because of the natural composition and durability that provides the ultimate solution for various dishes.  

Carne Asada

Authentic Mexican-style grilled rib-eye steak, otherwise known as carne asada can take days to perfect.  After a spicy marinade is prepared, thinly sliced rib-eye steak is marinated for a minimum of two days to ensure the greatest infusion of flavor. Once this process is complete, the steak is dipped in lime juice, garlic, and salt before it’s grilled to perfection.   mexican food near me

Mixed Grill

While the Carne Asada is all we need for convincing, Molcajete Azteca offers much more to our diners. Grilled rib-eye, chicken breast, shrimp, and chorizo complete the craving in huge portion sizes! In fact, this dish is one that is easily shared because of the colossal size!


At Don Ramon, we complement this dish with nopalitos. Not familiar? Nopalitos is a side dish made with diced nopales – the flat stem of the prickly pear cactus. Authentic cuisine at its best, don’t say we didn’t warn you! With a slightly tart flavor, these crispy delicacies are perfected with our homemade cheese sauce.     While this is merely a brief description of one of the most authentic Mexican meals offered, there is much more to explore at Don Ramon Restaurant Mexicano! Next time you’re looking for the best Mexican food in NH, be sure to stop in and experience the true authentic flavors of Mexican cuisine! We are open seven days a week and can’t wait to host you soon!