4 Unique Mexican Holiday Traditions

The holiday season is an important time throughout Mexico, which the celebration of Christmas at its center. When you visit your favorite Mexican restaurants in NH, you can see that there is a rich culture full of traditions. And because Christmas is such an important holiday, Mexicans really pull out all the stops.  

The celebrations aren’t isolated to December 25th! Let’s look at just a few of the events that take place throughout the holiday season.


Las Posadas

The holiday celebrations begin on December 12th in Mexico, and from December 16th to the 24th, Mexican children participate in Las Posadas. Posada means “inn” or “lodging,” and the tradition remembers the portion of the Biblical Christmas story when Mary and Joseph could find nowhere to stay in Bethlehem. The children walk from house to house, holding candles while singing and asking for shelter.  

Noche de Rabanos

Particular cities in Mexico also have their own unique traditions. For example, the residents of Oaxaca City celebrate Noche de Rabonos, or “Radish Night,” on December 23rd. For this unique celebration, people carve figurines out of locally grown radishes. Some sculptures are very simple, while others show off impressive artistic skills. The subjects of these sculptures range from Biblical figures to mythical creatures. This tradition started in the late 1800s when the mayor of Oaxaca City included a radish carving competition in the city’s annual Christmas market.  

Misa de Gallo

Many Catholic communities celebrate their Christmas service at midnight on Christmas Eve. In Mexico, this service is called Misa de Gallo, literally “Mass of the Rooster.” Families attend church together, and at the conclusion of the services, many communities shoot off fireworks to celebrate Christmas Day.  

La Candelaria

The holiday celebrations don’t officially conclude until February 2nd in Mexico, so most communities like to conclude the season with a party. The city of Veracruz, however, takes it up several notches by holding a festival, complete with parades and a bullfight!  

Celebrate the Holidays with Mexican Restaurants in NH!

While we can’t promise the same level of celebration that you would see in Mexico, you’ll still have a great time when you come to Don Ramon! We make all our delicious food with authentic ingredients, so you can have a taste of Mexico in NH.  

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